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A cup is a kind of cup ordinarily utilized for drinking hot refreshments, for example, espresso, hot cocoa, soup, or tea. Mugs for the most part have handles and hold a bigger measure of liquid than different kinds of cup. Typically a mug holds roughly 8-12 US liquid ounces (350 ml) of fluid


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Antiquated mugs were typically cut in wood or bone, Ceramic mug or molded of dirt, while most current ones are made of clay materials, for example, bone china, pottery, porcelain, or stoneware. Some are produced using fortified glass, for example, Pyrex.


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An espresso mug is a compartment that espresso and coffee based beverages are served in. Espresso cups are ordinarily made of coated fired, and have a solitary handle for transportability while the refreshment is hot. Fired development enables a refreshment to be flushed while hot, giving protection to the drink, and immediately washed with virus water unafraid of breakage, contrasted with regular dish sets.

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An espresso mug may likewise be an expendable cup in which hot drinks, including espresso, can be contained. Dispensable espresso cups might be made out of paper or polystyrene froth. At cafés, paper cups are generally used to offer refreshments to clients in a hurry, more often than not with an espresso mug sleeve to give protection against warmth moved through the holder.

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Another elective pattern sees shoppers buying reusable espresso cups rather than dispensable cups as a progressively maintainable way to deal with espresso utilization turns out to be increasingly famous. These can incorporate bamboo cups, americano cups produced using polypropylene just as other natural materials, for example, starch and paper mash.


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